Sunday, November 27, 2005

Transfer experiments

Experiment #3:
Image: (left) printed on Staples premium double sided matte paper using an HP inkjet printer
Medium: I use Speedball gloss medium, brushed two coat onto printed image, letting it dry ater the first coat, but leaving the second coat wet-ish. Then I put two coats onto the card, leaving the last coat wet.
Transfer method: I flipped the image onto painted card, rubbed first with my fingers and then with the back of a spoon and then with a bone folder. I lifted the photo paper off from the corner. I could see that the image had become elastic-y and stretchy. I could see it sticking onto the card, but it wouldn't all transfer over.
Results: Some of the transferred image looks great, but there is an are in the center where the image didn't come off.
Comments: I think I need to let the medium dry completely on the printed image and then put a wet coat onto the card to draw it over.


Wendy said...

Susan, where the image didn't transfer, isn't that a preferred look, so there's an obvious difference between a transfer and a photocopy? I like the look. If it were perfect, it could be just a photocopy onto a painted paper that you cut down to card size. Right? Yours looks better!

wendy said...

Well, okay, maybe a tiny bit more transfer image would be okay, but you know what I mean.