Saturday, December 03, 2005

Mother and daughter

Niels and I bought a dusty old photograph at an antique shop in Woodstock last weekend. It's quite large and has a wide ornate tarnished gold frame around it. We got it home and my daughters said "another creepy portrait to hang in the house!".
I didn't see it as creepy at all.

I decided to scan it and perhaps use it in some collage work. It was too big to fit in my scanner, so I had to scan one side and then the other. When I opened the scans in photoshop, I thought it was so poignent, having mother and daughter in separate frames. I added some text and a background color. I may use these images in the Folie a deux swap.

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Cheryl said...

perfect for the folie swap! what a great find, Suze.